A) He didn't honor his signed millions dollar contract for Gold Mine in Chile as an investor since 2 years with several excuses, promised us without doing even one. He said, Let's cancel the old signed contract and do it with the new company, But after mine owner cancelled the old contract, he did not renew it with the new company and cheated the Gold Mine owner and he caused the mine owner to lose millions of dollars.  He also caused to lose my %4 share from the Gold Mine (around 10 million USD.)

B) He personally promised me several times about several issues but he didn't keep his word even one of them. 

C) He asked us to make swift for and on behalf of him 20.000$ from me and 25.000$ from one of our mutual friends. We both made swifts his nominated name in Hongkong. He didn't pay it back for 8 years, He denied it with various stupid reasons. DEFINITELY NOT TRUSTABLE PERSON.


A) He is a CIRCUMVENTER. After receiving my buyer's ICPO from me, he has gone directly to my buyer along with draft contract and proforma invoice. But the buyer was a professional and understood that he is circumventing me. Later on Buyer stopped the transaction due to him. He caused to lose my 600.000$ annual profit.

B) He is a professional liar. He said me various lies. He changed 3 times the Seller and the Origin of the product. He declared in written that he is a Mandate of the seller. In fact he is not a mandate, but a broker. He said the same lie 3 times for 3 SellersNOT TRUSTABLE PERSON.


THE BIGGEST FRAUDSTER - I have gone to Kharkiv to visit them, but there is no office that they were written on their letterhead. They are receiving %30 advance payment, but then disappear. Cheated buyers. I have all their fake certificates which I can send who wants.
What they 
gave all those are FAKE. Already reported to INTERPOL, UKRAINE GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES etc. 

Their all certificates are Fake , included BL, Shipping company in Odessa, All phones numbers are not responding some of them are not in services.

A, FAKE Health Certificate, 

B. Not exist refinery in Lugansk Region, 

C. Register number belongs to another company is FAKE and  does not exist.  

D. The FAKE photos of refinery they sent to me are belonging to another Ukrainian Big company. 

E. Fraudsters names are  General Manager TATYANA VASILYEVY (Kharkiv), President  SASHA VLADIMIRSKIY (Kharkiv / Lugansk).

Fake Registry >Eurosplav LLC 41979796 
Fake Refinery Address: Krasnoyarskaya street 43 Lugansk. Ukraine 
Fake Office:60144, Kharkiv Region, Prt. , Ukraine 
Tel: 00380689877410  (Mobile Gen. Man. TATYANA VASILYEVY Kharkiv)       

Tel: 00380446729000 Belongs to Kiev instead of Kharkiv. 

Email / 

Fake Website: all photos in web page are fake and taken from Google.